• Dr. Nasr was recommended to me by a friend who has been going to him with few pets for years. The experience I had at his office was great. (I read a review about his waiting area being uninspiring. I am not even sure what that means, the waiting area is spacious and perfect for few impatient dogs.)
    He was very friendly and my dog liked him which is very important to me. At the time when I took my dog there she had UTI, Dr. Nasr checked her out, gave her medicine and we were on our way. She felt better the following day and Dr. Nasr also called to check up on her after few days which I wasn’t expecting but it was very nice of him to do.
    I wish Dr. Nasr was closer to my house as it would be easier for me to take my dog to him without needing public transport.
    Overall, this is really the best vet i ever took my dog to and I did “shop” around for vets. He is honest, gives options for treatments and really cares about the animals that come to him. (BY: Simona S Brooklyn, NY).
  • Dr. Nasr has been our doctor for about 10 years now, he has been the family doctor for all of my animals (Akita, German Shepherd, Bunnies, Cats) and this relationship started when I had a sick rabbit and no one would see her in all of Brooklyn except Dr.Nasr. He is very confident, experienced, and comforting – I know that when I come to him he will be 100% honest with me and will not shove pills down my dogs mouth as the solution to everything.
    I love Dr.Nasr hes a great doctor and Archie loves him too :) (BY: Jewly D. Brooklyn, NY ).
  • Experienced, compassionate, effective, efficient. Dr Nasir has been my hero on more than one occasion the past two years.
    I’ve been coming to Dr Nasir ever since I got my balding husky rescue two years ago. Before him, I went to two other vets whom ran all kinds of tests to see why my husky was balding. Dr Nasir assessed the problem immediately, within 5 minutes of seeing him, and fixed the problem. Flea allergies.
    I rescued a second husky. She had a bump on her belly, so I thought it might be a tick. With one look and a grope later, Dr Nasir diagnosed her with a hernia, and put her into surgery. One hour later she came out of surgery happy as a clam. He charged me half of what the other vets in the area charge. ( BY : Miranda H.Brooklyn, NY ).
  • Dr. Nasr has been a great vet to us the last couple years. He’s great with our large dogs, and is always looking to save us money where he can. He and his employees are always friendly and happy to see us. And my dogs love him.
    We are also lucky to have a Vet nearby that will treat chickens. We have two hens (for eggs) in our backyard, and when one of them hurt her leg, we were skeptical that any NYC vet would know how to treat her. To our surprise, Dr. Nasr got his start working with chickens, and helped her out! She recovered quickly. Not only that, but he gives out his personal number and will answer emergency questions any time.( BY: Brooklyn D. Brooklyn, NY ).